Date: 2010-04-28 11:16 pm (UTC)
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I wanted an iPhone. While I was at AT&T I asked them if I could "in theory" have a home address and phone number (NYC) but a billing address in another state (MI).

They said I could if I had a business plan. With the possibility there, I got excited and asked if they had any 212 numbers. He didn't. They were all taken.

I checked eBay and saw that people were selling 212 numbers like mad there. I ended up snagging my number for like $15 or something.

I get the prepaid sim card in the mail and so I go to AT&T with my phone number in hand. Then in order for them to transfer it to my account with them I had to supply an NYC address. I looked up a guy with my last name in Manhattan and used his address, pretending it was my home address.

That part didn't matter, it was a technicality because my bill comes to my REAL home here in Michigan.

...aaaand away we go!

oh, why don't I live there? Long story short, too many family ties and now with my little daughter, I'm not moving anywhere that takes me farther from her.


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